Talking Finger

Talking Finger, a social media and digital agency of TripleOne, provides a wide variety of solutions to mesh with your digital budget, capacity, and goals from social media and email marketing to website design and hosting. 


Social Media Strategy & Execution

Chess Is Not A Game of Chance.
Our strategies are custom tailored to your business or organization with identified goals always sharply in focus. We specialize in highly integrated strategies that are founded in social media, but encompass your other advertising/marketing/public relations campaigns and initiatives. Synergy is key!

Talking Finger's strategy creation is available in various forms such as a daily/weekly/monthly calendar, document, spreadsheet or PowerPoint. Whatever form they take, our strategies are editable, living forms that you can use to reach your end game.


Social Media Training

Hands-on Social Media Marketing Services
Talking Finger provides a wide variety of hands-on social media marketing services and consultant solutions from one-on-one consultations to training for larger groups and organizations. We can instruct on specifics, or simply answer questions you have about social media and marketing integration.



Create, Optimize and Maintain
We can create, optimize and maintain websites for your business to fit almost any budget. Whether you need a simple landing page, or a complex e-commerce site,  we get creative to build the site you need.