We design and execute this critical step for you

How can you tell when to conduct an audit or to bring in a consultant?

A marketing audit takes a fresh look at everything your organization does that relates to branding and marketing. It learns from where your organization has been in the past, assesses where it is now, and examines where you want to be in the future. It considers your organizational mission and vision, your strengths and challenges, your customers and employees.  It then gauges how well your current marketing encompasses your vision, serves your stakeholders, and speaks to your clients. Of course it looks at logos and campaigns, but goes far beyond that to explore methods, media and messaging.

Your marketing audit or individualized consulting experience will be unique to your organization. It will address the issues that you tell us are important to you. Whether that’s realigning your brand image to promote your organization’s unique strengths, helping your internal marketing department achieve more, or connecting with clients on a deeper level, we’ll help you get there by providing actionable recommendations that your team can execute – either on their own or with our assistance if you prefer.

How can you tell when to conduct an audit or to bring in a consultant? Download our whitepaper and discover for yourself if the time is right now.