I firmly believe that every client is unique – but there are some essentials that remain constant across all spheres. Here are a few of Brand Inspiration’s most popular packages. 

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The Right Messages, at Just the Right Time

If you’re like many brands we work with, you understand that marketing to your existing base is the most effective form of advertising, because their loyalty is the key to attracting new customers. But like many teams, yours might struggle to send out the occasional email blast—or worse, feel that your marketing efforts aren’t generating the highest possible ROI.


Drive Engagement That Actually Pays

Likes, comments, shares, followers–it’s a lot to keep up with. With so many platforms demanding your team’s time and attention, it’s hard to know where to concentrate your efforts and which form your content should take on each. Our question to you: Is your existing social media presence even driving value for your business in the first place?


Gain Their Unwavering Support

If you’re embarking on an annual campaign, are ready to approach more substantial donors, or seeking to rally volunteers, you’ll need a case for support. One that tells a unified story about your projects and impact. A case that solidly establishes your presence and captures your ethos without being too long, or too wordy to compel donors. 


Is your organization just launching? Struggling to gain traction in an increasingly crowded marketplace? What you stand for needs to be conveyed in mere seconds—but ensuring that message is delivered consistently, at every touch point, is a task so challenging that even multibillion-dollar companies get it wrong sometimes.