Gain their unwavering support.

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If you’re embarking on an annual campaign, are ready to approach more substantial donors, or seeking to rally volunteers, you’ll need a case for support. One that tells a unified story about your projects and impact. A case that solidly establishes your presence and captures your ethos without being too long, or too wordy to compel donors. 


Get Funding

With our help, you can build a professional and compelling case for support that attracts the funding you require. Our streamlined package will allow you to make a case that is persuasive, powerful, and motivates donors with shared purpose and a sense of urgency.

Here’s a snapshot of how we’ll do it:

  • A 2-hour focus group with key volunteers, clients, and/or leadership to hear your story, challenges, and dreams for the future in your own words (on-site or remote, depending on location)

  • Up to 3 one-on-one follow-up interviews with essential team members to review our findings and strategy

  • A professionally written and designed case for support – brochure and landing page (print costs not included, includes two revisions)

Your investment: Starting at $5,500 (does not include print costs or out-of-area travel)

Tell Your Story, Engage Supporters, & Inspire Donors to Act

No matter the size of your organization, a well-executed case for support will boost your fundraising efforts and in turn, the impact you make through the programmatic side of your work. Let our team help you build a tool that’s truly reflective of who you are and captures the messages your donors are waiting to hear.

We were basically a concept that really needed to become known.
— Rev. Dr. Robert Schenck
 -The Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute

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Connect With Your Donors

Don’t just sell your products or services. Remain top-of-mind with donors and foster the trust that results in referrals to their family and friends. Broaden your reach with a targeted marketing campaign that doesn’t drain your team’s time or talent.

 Of course, everything we create is designed for our most important client – You! See something you like but need it customized? Contact me directly at 203.824.4282 and let’s talk