There Is A Fantastic Pizza Joint In Newington, Connecticut — Just Saying

Michael here. One of David Oglivy’s “isms” is “Tell the truth, but make the truth fascinating”. One of my favorites. 

I read a solid article this past weekend (can’t remember where I saw it, or I’d share) illustrating the idea that business storytelling is old news. That “canned” storytelling, along with branded content, is essentially falling on deaf ears. That digital natives are more likely to embrace and like/follow/share peer generated content. 

For years now I’ve convinced myself that it’s never been easier for a business or organization to communicate as there are so many channels to do so — I’ve also convinced myself that being unique in these channels is super hard. Super hard. Anyone can design and write an ad, or create a share graphic or video. Anyone. And, I love that consumer generated content is driving marketers crazy. Even this one. Ha

Maybe I’m old school (and, I truly may be) — however — I still believe that strong visual design and the written word are the foundations for old fashioned storytelling - regardless that the channels have changed. The foundations for sharing a unique story — and that the folks you want to talk to may ultimately agree and participate in the conversation. Which is the hope.

There is this fantastic pizza joint in Newington, Connecticut that in my opinion tells its story generally the same as the next joint. However, I learned from chatting with them that they have no freezers — all of the meat and produce are delivered daily, etc… The jalapeño peppers are bright green — that’s how fresh they are… 

Anyway — I’m like “that’s your story”. People will care about that. Of course — the pizza has to be great as well. Which it is. I’m a sucker for a small mozzarella with meatballs, onions and those bright green jalapeños. Ha

Email me / connect with me on social if you want to know the name of the joint — or even share with me one of your favorite food joints. Would love to hear from ya.

— Michael

What’s YOUR Calling? Effective Calls to Action Inspire Growth and Generosity.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.


While asking for help sometimes can run counter to our basic instincts, this essential lesson is one of initial things large organizations teach salespeople as they enter their training programs. It’s also one of the first skills non-profit leaders must master as they approach donors and their community seeking to inspire generosity. 


While organizations understand this intellectually, they can fall short when it comes to crafting an effective ask in their marketing materials.


That’s because asking the right way can be challenging.


It’s one thing to lean across a table over lunch after you’ve established a shared connection, look someone in the eye and ask them to write a check to help a child in need or to purchase the software package you’ve already proven their business requires to stay on the cutting edge.


It’s another thing altogether to broadcast your ask via email, a landing page, a direct mail piece, social media or any other form of seemingly impersonal communication.


While some organizations will still invest countless hours debating what color and shape a call to action button should be to spur the most clicks, those who are in tune with these evolving times will dig far deeper.


You see, the key to delivering your ask well is to do exactly what you would do if you were there in person – establish a genuine relationship. Savvy organizations will work with the latest technology to do just that, but it goes far beyond the medium to the message itself.


Smart organizational leaders establish real connections with potential clients or donors by explaining not just what they do and why they do it. They explain how what they do benefits the people they are seeking to serve or are asking for a donation. 


And they explain it in a manner that resonates with their target audience. Whether that’s via podcasts, social engagement, video blogging, or through a real conversation either in person, online or via the latest evolving technology, they manage to make that essential connection with clients and donors.


Then, they take it to the next level with an explicit and actionable call to action that inspires viewers to act and then easily enables them to do so. They use technology to connect in the manner their audience wants with the simplicity and ease of execution they require. The most effective campaigns extend that call across all platforms and connect your emails to your landing page to your social media to your videos, blogs and more – what we at TripleOne Consulting call Blended Communications.


So how does your organization get there? If your staff doesn’t have the expertise or time to effectively execute an evolving blended marketing strategy that generates real results, we can get you there.


Let us help you establish a genuine relationship with the clients you most need to reach. Email me @ or call me directly at (203) 530-5259 – and let’s get started.


- John