There Is A Fantastic Pizza Joint In Newington, Connecticut — Just Saying

Michael here. One of David Oglivy’s “isms” is “Tell the truth, but make the truth fascinating”. One of my favorites. 

I read a solid article this past weekend (can’t remember where I saw it, or I’d share) illustrating the idea that business storytelling is old news. That “canned” storytelling, along with branded content, is essentially falling on deaf ears. That digital natives are more likely to embrace and like/follow/share peer generated content. 

For years now I’ve convinced myself that it’s never been easier for a business or organization to communicate as there are so many channels to do so — I’ve also convinced myself that being unique in these channels is super hard. Super hard. Anyone can design and write an ad, or create a share graphic or video. Anyone. And, I love that consumer generated content is driving marketers crazy. Even this one. Ha

Maybe I’m old school (and, I truly may be) — however — I still believe that strong visual design and the written word are the foundations for old fashioned storytelling - regardless that the channels have changed. The foundations for sharing a unique story — and that the folks you want to talk to may ultimately agree and participate in the conversation. Which is the hope.

There is this fantastic pizza joint in Newington, Connecticut that in my opinion tells its story generally the same as the next joint. However, I learned from chatting with them that they have no freezers — all of the meat and produce are delivered daily, etc… The jalapeño peppers are bright green — that’s how fresh they are… 

Anyway — I’m like “that’s your story”. People will care about that. Of course — the pizza has to be great as well. Which it is. I’m a sucker for a small mozzarella with meatballs, onions and those bright green jalapeños. Ha

Email me / connect with me on social if you want to know the name of the joint — or even share with me one of your favorite food joints. Would love to hear from ya.

— Michael