Who Won the (Ad) Game?

While some of this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials were as off-target as the game’s early field goals attempts, other advertisers scored big by inspiring genuine connections through humor, authenticity and humanitarianism.


The popular favorite - and the ad that won USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter – was Amazon’s celebrity-cameo studded ad for Alexa. In this commercial, Alexa loses her voice and celebs step in to help – with hilarious and sometimes disturbing results.  With more than 26 million views (and climbing) as of this morning, it seems to be winning the morning-after crowd as well.


Kraft took home the trophy for innovation by inviting fans to show us how they family. Beginning at 6 a.m. on Game Day, Kraft fans were asked to hashtag Instagram and Twitter photos and videos of their family using #FamilyGreatly and #KraftEntry. Kraft’s public relations firm collected the photos and videos until 8:30 p.m., then weaved selected posts together into their commercial. By including real folks, the commercial had a warmth you simply can’t replicate in a studio creation. (Plus, it had the added bonus of having fans anxiously waiting to see if their submission made the final cut, all the while supplying the company with an insane amount of free advertising across social networks.) 


Tide got points for parodying just about every stereotypical Super Bowl commercial – from cars and beer to diamonds and Old Spice – and proudly announcing that every Super Bowl commercial is in fact a Tide Ad (because the actors’ clothes are clean on all of them, right?!). By tapping into our collective culture, Tide was able to evoke emotion and connect with viewers in a way that laundry detergent typically doesn’t.


While some other ads missed the mark (Dodge Ram is getting hammered for using Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words to sell trucks, and E-Trade is getting mixed reviews for showing older folks struggling to get by on truly odd jobs) those that connected did so because they inspired something in viewers – whether that was emotion tied to shared memories, a social conscience or a genuinely moving story.


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-- Michael