Ideas We're Leaving in 2018


Like any good agency, we take our own medicine

 That why we recently took the time to analyze the adages and mantras that shape the way we do business, leading with the questions “Does this still fit?” and “Is this us?" 

 By walking through this exercise we uncovered three ideas that—while they’ve served us well— we’re kicking to the curb as we ring in 2019. We’ve outlined them below, along with the new themes we’re embracing and a few questions you can explore with your own team:

 #1 “We’re a Marketing & Branding Agency”

 While this statement is still true, it doesn’t capture the entirety of what we offer.

 On top of delivering hard-hitting brand identity, non-profit communication, and social/digital lead generation services, we want to stand for much more in the year to come. What’s prompted this? Agency Principal, Michael Desroches, explains it best: 

 “The more I speak in front of entrepreneurs and organizations and share my expertise, the more I realize that Brand Inspiration is going to be more than an agency. We’re on our way to being a go-to authority in the business and marketing landscape.”

 Our new mission is to enhance thinking and bottom lines across the board; for our clients, for our audience, and even for the teams we’ll never actually share a room with. We’re out to make the deepest impact possible by sharing our insights openly.

 Dust off your mission and vision statement. Does it still capture the change you’d like to create for the world?

 #2: “We’re a Vendor You Can Trust” 

 Hear us out: Vendors simply deliver good and services.

 In 2019, we want partnership to be at the heart of the brands we serve. That means sharing in your passions. Helping you navigate tough conversations. Finding ways to contribute to your larger vision, rolling up our sleeves, and (you guessed it) acting on them

 That means you’ll often catch us delivering value before the papers are signed, and in other cases, taking that extra hour to ask the questions you’ve secretly been waiting for someone to voice.

 We’re the partner they always tell you to look for.

 Does the way you think about your relationship with clients or customers match the connection you’d like to have with them in the year to come?

 #3 “We’re a Swiss Army Knife” 

 Swiss Army knives are great—no argument there.

But as much as they can clean hooves, strip wires and keep even the gnarliest of fingernails trimmed, they’re only as good as the challenge in front of them.

 As an agency and team of thinkers, we pride ourselves in delivering the unanticipated. Our work brings powerful, unexplored concepts into focus. We’re willing to bet yours does, too. That’s why we’re now thinking of ourselves as a telescope...and not your nephew’s garden variety telescope; think NASA, but with more jet fuel.

 Are the themes you operate by better suited to where your company was seven years ago? 

 Have they worn from overuse? 

 Can you still call them “fresh,” or (and this one might sting) is your competition now parroting what you’ve said for so long?

 Which ideas is your team leaving in 2019?

 Put another way: Where are you leaving business on the table?

 Retiring ideas doesn’t mean forgetting what they’ve done for you, or brushing aside the work you delivered based on them. It simply means transforming your thinking and branding so that it aligns with every milestone on your roadmap.

 Consider everything from the assumptions you have about your audience, to your tagline, core values, and even the voice that dominates your social media presence. Everything is game; leave no stone unturned in your analysis.

 We hope this article helps you usher new thinking at various levels of your organization.  If you have questions about getting your messaging and marketing prepared for the year to come, we’d love to help uncover the answers you’re searching for.


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