Year End Communications Countdown

We all want to change things about ourselves in the New Year. We might want to lose weight, exercise regularly, take quality time for ourselves and our families, earn more, worry less – the list is virtually endless.


But have you stopped to think that NOW is the time for your organization to be making its own set of Resolutions for the coming year? Indeed, the final days of 2017 are exactly when savvy executives take the time to look ahead and try to visualize how they can achieve the growth they need in 2018.


This should be a reflective time when you look at fundraising objectives in conjunction with communications (what we at TripleOne Consulting refer to as Blended Communications) to determine what is working now, what you can do better, and what you need to completely rethink in the coming year.


Of course, you and your staff can attempt to accomplish this on your own – if you can carve out the time. Yet oftentimes we believe the best insights come from an external consultant who has the knowledge and expertise to lead you through the questions you need to ask yourselves – and some you might not even have considered. Questions like:


· What makes us different from other organizations that do similar work?

· What do we really want to accomplish in the coming year? And what type of revenue growth is needed for us to achieve that goal?

· Is our fundraising (for non-profits) or revenue (for for-profits) growth keeping pace with that of similar organizations?  

·  Are our clients getting what they need from us?

· How is our organization perceived by the public?

· How do we engage our audience more effectively?

· How do we increase giving?

· Are our donors and clients getting bored with our materials – and are we seeing growth stagnate as a result?


These big picture questions – and some of the nuts and bolts dilemmas like how to increase email open rates, boost online giving and hit direct mail goals – are what the experts at TripleOne Consulting can help you with.


But to succeed in 2018, you need to do far more than ask the questions – you need to obtain accurate answers and then turn those answers into a comprehensive and executable plan that achieves results. At TripleOne Consulting, we take a holistic approach to fundraising and communications called Blended Communications that turns your goals into actionable plans.  What’s more – we can execute those plans for you flawlessly, allowing your team to focus on what you do best.


Contact us today - and we’re certain we’ll be #TheLastAgency you’ll ever need to call! 

-- John Cunneen