The Last Agency – Connecting the Dots

We all grow up learning how to connect the dots. Right now, I’m teaching my preschooler to work through connecting the dots in his coloring books. As we get older, we learn to connect the cognitive dots through complex word problems like: “If a train leaves Albuquerque traveling at 80 mph and another leaves New York traveling at 90 mph, what color is the second caboose?” Once we get into high school and college, we learn how to connect the dots of cause and effect in a variety of social, moral and career settings.


Unfortunately, once we get out into the real world, far too many nonprofit organizations forget to connect the dots when it comes to their communications and marketing.


And it’s really not their fault.


You see, organizational leaders today are forced to wear many hats and to stretch their staffs to do more with less. In this setting, it’s often difficult to take a step back and assess how your communications are interwoven and how to make them work together most effectively. Nonprofits also typically don’t have the depth of resources to understand what current industry best practices are and to capitalize on the latest trends.


That’s where having the services of an integrated communications agency that’s well-versed in the unique world of nonprofits – like TripleOne Consulting - can make a monumental difference.


Here’s a real life example. Most nonprofits will make the time to send an annual appeal letter. Not all of them will think to segment that letter so that different messages go to large donors, smaller donors, and those who have donated their time, but not necessarily their dollars, in the past. Fewer still will think to link the letter to a landing page that makes it simple to donate with one click. Even less will take the time to create and execute a well-planned social media campaign to spread the campaign to a wider, untapped audience. Only a fraction of those will design and execute a campaign to get their employees, supporters and friends to share those social media posts with their friends and family, further expanding the reach of their annual appeal to a completely new audience.


Yet this level of communications logistics is what you can expect from a savvy consulting agency. When you pair this level of tactical expertise with a knack for telling the compelling story that is unique to your organization, you will connect the dots of a successful communications campaign.


Ready to bring this level of communications expertise to your organization? Then contact TripleOne Consulting today.