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TripleOne Consulting Business Profile

Non-profits and businesses must grow. They both must generate and increase revenue, build a brand, tell their story, communicate, innovate and ultimately deliver the services their audience demands.

TripleOne Consulting helps non-profits and small to mid-sized businesses grow by providing a full suite of integrated services: non-profit fundraising and business and sales development. Now, TripleOne's integrated services address even more of your organization's needs as we welcome Brand Inspiration -- a marketing agency of TripleOne.

TripleOne helps you grow by working with your organization to tell your story – something we learned to excel at by working with non-profits. We then communicate it effectively to the people you need to reach – which we perfected through our marketing and branding agency. Finally, we dive into the data and get into the workings of your business to develop business growth and sales strategies that are executable and effective – what we learned from our corporate clients. This unprecedented integration of three different worlds helps your organization realize its full revenue potential.

So if your organization is:

  • Struggling to consistently attain fundraising objectives?

  • Launching a new capital initiative that requires donor buy-in?

  • Attempting to reach the next level of growth in your business?

  • Lacking an overall strategy for sales and business growth?

  • Toiling to provide marketing support that addresses organizational needs?

You need TripleOne #BrandInspiration, an organization that uniquely straddles the for-profit and non-profit sectors thanks to the expertise of our team.

Our founder, John Cunneen, spent 20 years at the helm of The Cunneen Company, one of the nation’s most successful fundraising consulting firms. While running the Cunneen Company, John launched a marketing, print and communications franchise that was to become one of the fastest growing franchisees in the country during its startup years. TripleOne synergizes John’s experience with thousands of nonprofits and his work serving executives as they built their sales and marketing campaigns.

Michael Descroches spearheaded the marketing efforts of both the Cunneen Company and John’s franchise, helping form comprehensive branding strategies that fueled growth. He built on that expertise to serve his own clients through Brand Inspiration, a dynamic agency devoted to Waking Up brands ranging from non-profits and small businesses to international consulting firms.

Together, these professionals create actionable plans based on hands-on observations.

The foundation of our consulting firm is built on our combined decades of experience in the non-profit sector. John built The Cunneen Company into one of the most successful fundraising consulting firms serving the Catholic Church in the country. We bring this experience with everything from small rural parishes to large urban dioceses, institutions of higher education, and individual agencies to bear for clients:

  • Development programs

  • Enhancing annual giving

  • Planning and feasibility studies

  • Launching and growing major gifts programs Capital campaigns

We help small and mid-sized businesses reach their next level of growth by serving as hands-on strategists to the founders and leadership team.

  • Growth consulting

  • Leadership strategists

  • Virtual sales VP's

  • Sales system building

  • CRM experts

  • Sales training

Ultimately, your strategies are only as effective as the means by which they are communicated. Our years in the business have taught us that many organizations require assistance effectively communicating their plans to internal stakeholders and intended audiences. Whether it’s developing an overarching branding strategy or implementing a social media campaign, we design and execute this critical step for you – so you can get back to running your organization.

  • Brand strategy

  • Marketing and communications alignment

  • Individual campaigns

  • Social media development and execution

Let TripleOne #BrandInspiration burst the bubbles that restrict thinking and constrain creative solutions to common challenges – and then watch your organization grow

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